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We might not be the biggest in the country, but we are striving to be one of the best and most innovative companies in the industry!

We work harder, faster and more efficient! We care about our customers, love our nature and we constantly introduce innovations to improve sustainability and performance.
Here at Eco Drift we make sure everything is working smoothly from day one.
We can clean Monday to Friday, or 24/7, 365 days a year if that’s what you require.

The fact that we have been appointed by some of the biggest industrial and business property management companies in the UK, as a cleaning services provider is a proof for the Eco Drift's vision and performance.


EcoDrift's core values

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To be the company we are now in the future, we want to make sure every member of the team is proud with what we do and love the way we do it! That is why we have set our 8 core values, which are the DNA(soul and energy) of our company.

Deliver wOw to our customers We aim to surprise and make them smile to the point of getting a wOw effect. We love to exceed expectations, through outstanding results, innovative ideas and attention to detail!
Be Innovative – Defy the Status Quo, embrace challenges, always looking for fresh, innovative ways to tackle them!
Nurture family spirit – Our people are our most valuable asset! We create a friendly, warm environment, where every team member feels valued and cared about.
Be curious – Always seeking for better and more efficient ways to improve performance and results.  Adopt best practices and then improve them!
Be passionate – We are proud with what we do because we work with passion and determination, seeking satisfaction in results through achieving excellence!
Create ripples of contribution – We like to give away above and beyond what is expected and we always try to deliver more with less! When everyone in the team is motivated to go that extra mile, we do achieve more!
Be honest and real – “Trust takes years to build and only seconds to break” We believe that open approach and honesty, creates the best relationships within the team as well as with our customers and suppliers.
Care about the Planet – We love our Nature and we are determined to preserve it . To leave a Greener and better World is our legacy.


Our promise

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• Uncompromising quality: Because we are proud with what we do and strive to
deliver only the best. Always looking for and pushing through innovations, that
improve quality and results.

• Relayability - “No” and “can't do” are not part of our dictionary– Our goal is
highest possible standard and we strive for it, no matter the circumstances. We are
always ready to help and to embrace a challenge. A job too big, too small or too
dificult doesn't exist for us! Highly motivated and capable team. Our employees are
directly employed and trained to exceed standards! Intense customer service, best
cleaning practices and h&S training is provided for every employee. A core values
and culture fit is a paramount for us.

• Convenience: We have developped what we believe are the best practices for
monitoring the working process and communicating with our customers. We take
care of the cleaning and manage the contract for you! No more need to worry about
what has been or not been done! Here at Eco Drift we make sure everything is
working smoothly from day one and we keep constantly the highest standards.

• Efficiency – Achieving maximum results with less resourses and time, by
introducing innovations and perfecting proceedures, hence reducing costs

• Sustainability – We will assist you meet your social responsibility and environmental
targets. Recycling, reducing water and energy consumption in the office.

• Flexibility – we listen to you and adjust our practises around your needs.

• Productivity and creativity boost: Creating clean, healthy environment that boosts.

Productivity and creativity – We help you design and maintain cleaner, safer and
healthier office space to imrpove welbeing and creativity of employees and to
reduce stress and anxiaty.